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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Motivate your child action Plan Book Review

I’m doing a book review for a book called Motivate Your Child Action Plan by Dr. Scott Truansky and Joanne Miller, RN,BSN.  After reading this book, I sincerely believe they wrote this book because they have a heart to help revolutionize parents and provide with tools that will build internal motivation in the hearts of their children.

Would you like to see a positive change in your child and can use some help?   If so, then, I recommend this book to you because number one, this book is about crafting unique strategies, tools, and ideas that  helps you see things from a different perspective and help your child to move from where he or she is right now to where he or she needs to be.  Number two, this book shows you how to develop godly strategies that will maximize the work you will do with your child in order to bring about a heart change because change in the heart is much more powerful than behavior adjustment.  According to the author, their methods have worked for thousands, but the book doesn’t guarantee change will take place because children are not robots under your will.  However; it assures that you will learn how to position yourself in such a way that you will be doing all you can to influence a more positive change in your child’s behavior, and it has many illustrations that you can choose from. 

Throughout the book, you will find a lot of scriptures quoted from the bible because it’s based on biblical facts, the teachings of Jesus, and Christian principles, so if you are a parent who does not practice the Christian faith, then this probably wouldn’t be a book that you may want to read, but then again, you never know.   If you’re a person who hates to read, then I would recommend that you get the audio sessions from their website. Also, you will find a lot of other resources that provide hope and encouragement for families. It also has some church solutions as well and live seminars that are helpful.

Personally, I’m happy to learn about this book because it offers so much for so little! This book to has already served as a wonderful resource for me as I’m always on the lookout for information that can help me with my parenting skills as I raise my intelligent, energetic,  autistic son because as we all know, children do not come with instructions.    

PS. You can get the eBook for only $2.99 at this website.

Recap:  You will learn:
• How to build a strong conscience to strengthen internal motivation
• How faith changes kids in practical, down-to-earth ways
• Ways to help self-focused kids think of others
• A strategy to help kids who tend to blame, rationalize, or defend
• Ways to use consequences for heart change
• Specific heart-based strategies to develop responsibility and initiative