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Friday, July 24, 2015

The unexpected happened

While traveling from work not thinking about anything except trying to get home as fast as I can because I was tired, low and behold, less than one hundred feet from home, I got the scare of my life! A car from out of nowhere, crushed my car from the side where I was driving! That was the first and only accident I ever had or ever was involved in.  For a minute there, I guess I was in a comma because everything was black!  I could hear people talking to me, but I couldn't see a thing.  I remember hearing the rescue workers telling me that I was hit hard by another car, and I remember telling them that I was pregnant.  Since I was pregnant, they didn't want to take any chances, so they air lifted me to the nearest hospital!  I think we got there in less than five minutes. They took me into the emergency department, checked me out then checked my baby out. They told me that my baby was doing well! I believe it was the grace of God that kept me and my child from losing our lives that day.  I know that God has angels place all around us and keeps us safe as we journey through our lives! I also want to add that, it's a wise idea to keep your trust and hopes in God because you never know when something like this might occur!  Stay tuned for more posts to come as I unfold my pregnancy and parenting experiences.
Minnie L Douglas (author)

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