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Monday, March 23, 2015

Give praises to the lord all through the day

Psalm 1:48niv

This passage of verses encourages me to give praises to God for he is worthy.

"Praise the Lord!  Across the heavens, from the heights, all you angels, heavenly beings,
sing praise, sing praise!  Sun and moon, glittering stars, sing praise, sing praise.  Highest
heavens, rains clouds, sing praise, sing praise.  Praise God's name, whose word called
you forth and fixed you in place forever by eternal decree.  Let there be praise;  from
depths of the earth, from creatures of the deep. Fire and hail, snow and mist, storms,
winds, mountains, hills, fruit trees and cedars, wild beasts and tame, snakes and birds,
prince, judges, rulers, subjects, men, women, old and young, praise, praise his holy name,
this name beyond all names.  god's splendor above the earth, above the heavens, gives
strength to the nation, glory to the faithful, a people close to the Lord. Israel, let there be praise!"

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