Sunday, May 17, 2015


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We can learn some of life's greatest lessons by watching the struggles of a butterfly leave the cocoon, said the teacher, as she sent each of her biology students home for the weekend with a cocoon-in-a-bottle.

Not all of the butterflies hatched from their encasements that weekend, but eventually, they all did emerge.  One student noticing the struggles of his butterfly in trying to work free from its encasement, decided to snip off the end of the cocoon in order to help the insect succeed with less effort.  Out it plopped, but only the top half of it looked like a butterfly.  The bottom half was large and swollen. The insect crawled about dragging its listless wings and a short time later was dead.

The butterfly struggles to get through the tiny opening is necessary in order to force fluids from the swollen body into the wings so they will be strong enough to fly. Without the struggle, the wings never develop.

Lesson:  Most our personal development comes not from normal growth and exercise but from struggles against challenges, trials, and opposition.  Whether we win or lose each battle, it is the conflict itself that sharpens our wits, increases our stamina, and matures our inner selves and strengthens us for the challenges of the future.
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